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This leaves the th day separate unto itself as the Proximian New Year, known as Novus Aestas , which falls between the last day of Umbrum and the first day of Eosos. Months stretch into years and years stretch into ages. This is useful both for marking the larger passage of time and denoting various phases of history.

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The names of each age are also used when referring to specific dates as detailed below. Dates can be written either in a full, formal fashion or in an abbreviated shorthand as detailed below. Note that it is not necessary to indicate the name of the current age because the current age is always referred to as Aevum Volgatus. The same two dates are listed for both types of examples below.

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It was not like looking at a piece of paper from the side at eye level, one can still see the paper no matter how thin: One could not see the spatial rift looking at it side one, it was perfectly two dimensional. There was merely a solid pillar of water pouring down below, and above a clear yellow Proximian sky.

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The other side of the rift was a perfectly reflective surface, like a mirror. However, while a mirror reflects visible light, this surface reflected all wavelengths of light, and with perfect efficiency. With an ordinary mirror one can fire a laser at it and melt a hole through it. With the upper surface of the spatial rift one could fire a laser at it and the laser would bounce off without any loss of heat in the process.

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Water is so abundant that some exo planets have oceans on them possibly hundreds of kilometres deep. Missed part three? Want to start from the beginning? The capsule was winched high into the sky and at one point Alfred decided to poke his head out of the hatch to see what was happening. The ocean was already a long way down and all he could see was a big dark silhouette against the yellow sky. He pulled his head in and felt sufficiently sea sick now to have regretted his curiosity. When Harold asked what he saw he said simply it was big and shaped a little like a pentagon. The object hovering in the sky was in fact a rather sophisticated innovation in hot air balloon technology.

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Instead of just one balloon it had five balloons holding up a large basket shaped like a pentagon. It had five balloons because if it had only three or four then the lost of just one balloon to an accident would lead to a catastrophe as the basket holding the thirty odd inhabitants would spill over pouring them and all their belongings into the ocean below. However, with five balloons the basket would remain sufficiently stable for the damaged balloon to be repaired.

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Missed part two? There it bobbed gently on a perfectly blue ocean and a perfectly yellow sky. Inside the capsule the three passengers were exhausted with the excitement of the dramatic re-entry experience. Harold and Alfred decided they had better get themselves free and instead of gently falling to the floor with a fluid motion the pair flopped down like jelly dropped on concrete. Groans of pain soon filled the cramped space inside the capsule. The woman was the first to get up and she immediately opened the hatch. Fresh, and surprisingly unsalty, sea air flooded the cabin.

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The co-pilot was frantically trying to call the captain. Come in!

Throughout the passenger compartments the shaken voice of the co-pilot rang out.