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Thanks to the support of Thomas Cade Funds, 23 participants were awarded scholarships to attend a two day intensive workshop, titled Birds, Careers and Conservation. The program took place on August 7 th and 8 th , and was hosted by the Celebrate Urban Birds program at Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The aim of this annual program is to bring youth from underserved communities that are not represented in the sciences to learn more about research here at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Outstanding youth from across the United States are selected to attend each year based on their interest in learning about careers in science and conservation with the goal of positively impacting their communities.

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During the workshop participants aged between years of age learn about Cornell, explore the values of participatory science, critical thinking, art, conservation, and paths to higher education. During the two-day workshop staff from seven departments at the Cornell Lab shared their expertise and time. The students participated in activities such as bird banding, nature journaling, nature walks and specimen illustration.

They toured and actively used the Macaulay Library and learned about scientific illustration at the Museum of Vertebrates. The participants had many opportunities to have their questions answered and to interact with all equipment and resources available at the lab. In addition to being immersed in the work being done here, the students and chaperones visited the Cornell campus and participated in sessions where they created action plans for their future.

Our goal was to help these young aspiring leaders to see themselves in the field of science and conservation. Your lab is truly amazing and it was an honor to be there.

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Not only did our knowledge grow but so did our respect for birds. It was such a pleasure to even be invited to Cornell. We all had such a great time and learned so much! Thanks again! Celebrate Urban Birds workshops would not be possible without the help of staff from every department of the Cornell Lab and we are enormously thankful to all participants, chaperones, and presenters.

A beautifully illustrated bird guide showing 16 focal bird species. Also included are magnificent illustrations some common Hummingbirds of North America.

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To view the guide, click here! A sheet describing the celebrate Urban Birds citizen science project. This includes a form you can use to enter your bird observations and a poster of the silhouettes of the 16 focal bird species. Click here! A list of the 16 species with beautiful pictures and space to note the number of times the bird was seen. Available in Spanish and English. A bird guide with 16 focal bird species. The guide includes beautiful pictures of the birds, distribution maps, and interesting facts about their behavior and habitat.

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A sheet to record observations of the birds. This sheet also includes close-up photos of the birds with the silhouettes of the 16 focal species and a brief description of the Celebrate Urban Birds in Mexico project!

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The kit includes tips on how to observe the 16 focal species in the Peruvian Amazon Region as well as a table to jot down your bird observations. There is also a helpful poster that contain silhouettes of the 16 focal species and tips on where to observe them. If you are not located in the region, the Activity Guide is adaptable to different regions and educational interests. It also has information and activities about nesting as well as an entire section about citizen science so that you and your participants can begin your own project!

To download the 16 focal species guide with information about the focal species of this project, map distributions, and cool facts about their behavior and ecology, click here!

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The Environmental Education Activity Guide for the Peruvian Amazon Region: This activity guide is for informal or formal educators who are passionate in motivating, teaching and inspiring their participants to get involved in environmental conservation. The activity guide is designed with simple lesson plans that contain fun activities about the focal bird species in the Peruvian Amazon region. Through the monthly lesson plans, we hope students become interested in conserving their local birds and participating in citizen science through bird observation.

This activity guide pairs well with the Peru kit. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Azar 28 Si no hay dicha en negociar, la suerte se vuelve azar. Pozo del olvido 32 El ingrato echa en olvido cuanto bien ha recibido. Al caer en esta casilla se retrocede hasta la Falsa amistad 39 Dando gracias por agravios, negocian los hombres sabios.

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