Manual Origine du nom de famille HAY (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition)

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Le régime de neutralité du canal de Panama

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By showing a reversal because of a shift to a different type of basket, it shows that Old World and New World comparisons are very sensitive to how we measure the cost of living. Furthermore, there are no sustained improvements in living standards over the period regardless of the measure used. Gaps in living standards observed later in the nineteenth century existed as far back as the seventeenth century. In a wider American perspective that includes the Spanish colonies, Canada fares better.

This is to avoid problems associated with using real wages in the form of welfare ratios which assume a constant labor supply.


This assumption is hard to defend in the case of Colonial Canada as there were many signs of increasing industriousness during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The GDP series suggest no long-run trend in living standards from to circa The long peace era of to was marked by modest economic growth which offset a steady decline that had started in , but by as a result of constant warfare living standards had sunk below their levels. These developments are accompanied by observations that suggest that other indicators of living standard declined.

The flat-lining of incomes is accompanied by substantial increases in the amount of time worked, rising mortality and rising infant mortality. In addition, comparisons of incomes with the American colonies confirm the results obtained with wages — Canada was considerably poorer.

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At the end, a long conclusion is provides an exploratory discussion of why Canada would have diverged early on. In structural terms, it is argued that the French colony was plagued by the problem of a small population which prohibited the existence of scale effects. In combination with the fact that it was dispersed throughout the territory, the small population of New France limited the scope for specialization and economies of scale. However, this problem was in part created, and in part aggravated, by institutional factors like seigneurial tenure.

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