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How do we get rid of a general misunderstanding on shamanism?

I think we need the aspiration for our ancient history to understand shamanism academically. At school we learn philosophy with a 2,year history since it first appeared in Greece, while myths have a history of about 30, years. If the essence of Judaism and Christianity is a vast abyss and an atypical interchange between man and God, we refer to the time when nature and God become gods and exchanges with man as the age of myth.

The two coexist in a primitive society, but when society is enlarged and a nation is established, shamanism expands rapidly. According to scholars there is a functional relation between rapid progress in science and abnormal development of shamanism. This could be a very interesting theme for study.

Huichol Yarn Painting

Tangun, as Scythian King, is one of his robot pieces submitted to Venice Biennale. The Gojoeseon period when Tangun lived was a nomadic age before the Agricultural Age when people possessed their own private property. We need to understand Paik saw TVs as mirrors and vessels containing shadows of the soul, and a stupa bridging all the visible and invisible.

Did Paik comment on Antonin Artaud, the Surrealist theater director?

Black Hole Shamanism

What concern did Paik show for the body? In art, performance has become banal. Antonin Artaud seems to be a significant figure for Paik. Artaud discovered primitive creativity in Balinese Theater. Such spectacle theaters as Balinese Theater have an aspect of getting rid of artificial acting, dandyism, and amusement. These are like religious rituals and similar to shamanic rituals in the East. It means to draw out vibrations in human tissues through physical action. Paik wanted viewers to operate and feel all kinds of musical vibrations and electromagnetic waves through their body tissue.

American cosmo-physicists discovered marks of the Big Bang, which occurred Snowflake-like white dots are fossils of the Big Bang. At the time Paik seemed to know the presence of electromagnetic waves spread through the universe. His emphasis was not just for play. In Greek mythology, the infant Hermes devoured 50 cattle by deceiving Apollo with humor and wit. Hanging a bull-head at his first solo show, Paik synthesized diverse conceptions from many artists. This infant Hermes is the god of electronic waves, communication, nomads, strangers, and even thieves.

He is also the god of creation and invention. As Michel Serres stated, Paik is one of key figures in the age of Hermes. Was telepathy an ultimate mode of communication for him?

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Paik conceived of a TV Set for the Blind. He was captivated by electromagnetic waves throughout his life. The whale sings and looks for counterparts in the deep sea by using electromagnetic waves. A whale is like a TV set.

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The Evolution Theory argues human species appeared at the last stage of evolution of the whale. It is said the fact that we came from the sea is in our unconsciousness. As the child Einstein imagined where to reach with light, Paik dreamed of traveling the infinite universe with electromagnetic waves. The my God is better than your God ploy gets used, and endless argument over trivial details added by mortal man takes place. Even though the concepts are universal, and have the same roots.

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In the same fashion conventional science tends to ignore information which suggests spooky forces are actually responsible for our existence at multiple levels! From the atoms, through DNA and cells, to living creatures, our earth, the sun, and our galactic center, and ultimately the cosmos itself; we have scads of contrary evidence.

Then there is some common sense to contend with; in the philosophical sense. Every living thing that has ever existed, every life form past and present, exists only in the now and firmly believes it is the center or the middle of the experience. As an exercise in logic, this is simply not possible. If we were merely participants in an event which is the accepted model, we can not also be the source or center of it. This should make us wonder why we perceive our surroundings in this way. Everything alive believes it is the center of the experience, and the others are perceived as environment.

But not to them or the others, they have the exact same problem in this regard as us! This is a deception, or an incorrect understanding of our nature, perhaps both! This then leads us to examine consciousness? Our brain thinks and makes decisions, our heart pumps blood, but this leaves a plethora of things we are and do; again without explanation.

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All we need to do is admire the beauty and complexity of the program at all levels, and observe how everything seems interconnected, to dispel that notion. The people who tell us stars and planets are random flung balls of mud and gases, in my humble opinion, must have missed out on breastfeeding, damaged their inner child, and forgotten to look up at the night sky in wonder and amazement! Everything in our manifest reality came from one point or thing, whether one chooses to embrace science or faith, or both, for your explanation.

Therefore a unified theory to explain the function should be obvious. Yet we continue to believe that the micro sub-atomic aspects of our reality, and the macro the cosmic aspects, are mathematically and scientifically and even spiritually not compatible.

The Shaman's « Calling » among the Sambia of New Guinea

Even though they are part and parcel of the same fractal! As a result we have been conditioned to disregard many concepts of great importance as scientific impossibilium, historical misrepresentations, and spiritual woo-woo! My research into the forbidden and taboo, led me to the opposite conclusion about who is peddling us the woo-woo.

So why are the people who try to educate us outside of the mainstream such a threat if the science, history, and spiritual issues are indeed so cut and dried? I was always led to believe that the truth held up to scrutiny. I suggest this is much like a child with chocolate all over his or her face, telling you they have no idea regarding a missing box of chocolates! Before you get the wrong impression that I disregard scientific concepts, in favor of belief in spirituality, you need to understand something.

God Force and science being at odds is a myth of epic proportions; since the dual nature of our reality exposed through science, actually reinforces spiritual concepts as well as ancient information. Just stop and ask yourself who benefits by this attitude? The short answer becomes; certainly not you and I! In fact this leads to a condition where it becomes easier to repeatedly dupe an unaware public.

It is for the spiritual rebel inside all of us who still dares to ask child like questions such as; What am I, and why am I here? While many may consider these questions irrelevant or silly; I challenge them to provide a decent answer! Because again to be blunt, the idea that all life evolved from nothing, for no reason, and serves no purpose, only works for those easily amused or perhaps the least among us.

And if you develop this as more than a weak possibility, you start to see and do things differently. Organized religion generally lacks conviction in this regard. The church always asks us what would Jesus do?